What to Expect at Your Appointment


Before Your Appointment

All of our intake forms are now online--they can be emailed or texted to you for you to fill out at your convenience. Once you submit them, they are sent directly to us! No need to print anything out. 

If you are using insurance, please remember to bring your photo ID, insurance card, and referral with you. We will need to make copies to keep on file. 


Meeting Your Therapist

We are currently required to take your temperature at the door. Your therapist will let you in, take your temperature, and then quietly take you to the massage room for a verbal intake. 

It's during this intake that the therapist finds out more detailed information about what brings you to the office (i.e. your pain level, your pain areas, range of motion, etc). This will allow your therapist to tailor the massage to best suit your needs.


Our Location

Located right off of Smokey Point Blvd in Cumulus Park Professional Center (look for sign on Smokey Point Blvd with time/temp).

We are in the SECOND building you come through after you turn into the Professional Center. Lots of available parking. 

We're in Suite 307, directly to your left when you exit the elevator on the third floor.


During the Appointment

Do not be afraid to communicate with your therapist if you need to. Many enjoy a relaxed environment during their massage, but communicating your needs is paramount to getting the best treatment possible. 

If you are warm or cold, the pressure should increase or decrease, or you feel uncomfortable for any reason, your therapist wants to know! We likely will have solutions that can make your visit more enjoyable.


At the Office

We suggest waiting about 5 minutes before your appointment to come to our office, as our office lobby is not currently available. We will be watching and let you in when we're ready for your appointment.

Masks are required in the building and office at all times. 

Bathrooms are located outside the office on each floor.


After Your Appointment

Payment will be taken in the office after the appointment. 

This is a great time to schedule further appointments, get a few final tips for at home care from your therapist, and grab yourself a bottle of water on your way out of the office.