Insurance Billing

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Many insurance plans in Washington cover Massage Therapy.

We take L&I claims, MVA claims, and many insurance plans.

We take care of the billing. 

Many insurance companies see massage therapy as a form of alternative care that can provide great benefits to health and healing. Click here for more information on our services.

Know Your Benefits

Check that your plan covers massage therapy provided by a massage therapist (some only cover services rendered by a doctor or chiropractor).

Referrals or prescriptions are REQUIRED for all medical massage (insurance, L&I, MVA). Diagnosis codes are required for billing, and massage therapists cannot diagnose--those codes have to come from a doctor (chiropractic referrals may be accepted by SOME plans). 

Some plans require pre-authorization for massage services. Check if yours does to avoid any payment denials. 

Every plan is different! Co-insurances/co-pays vary by plan, and some plans do go to deductible. Some plans have a limited number of massage services per year, and sometimes that number includes physical therapy and/or chiropractic visits as well. Plans start over at the beginning of the year.

Please call your insurance prior to booking to determine the full benefits allowed.

Here are the biggest things to note:


Preferred providers with the following plans: