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Individualized Meditation

Is it time to slow down, look within and enjoy the benefits of a quiet focused time just for you or a someone on your gift giving list?

Find calm amongst the hustle and bustle with a custom meditation.. more...

Do you have a particular situation, calling, area of interest, emotional need, concern or physical injury that needs some extra care, thought and positive intention? Indulge yourself in a healthy way.

Your individualized meditation will be geared to your specific needs, desires and wants.

  • What do you want to manifest or accomplish now and for the new year?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • Take your distractions and turn them into an asset for the journey ahead?

It would be my privilege to hold space for you, honor your story and privacy: creating a personalized meditation just for you. We can craft a mediation or quiet time experience with all the ingredients just for you.

How it works?

We connect via telephone, email or online and have a private conversation about what the focus of your meditation will be. I create a meditation for you and deliver it within a week's time.


$125 per mediation

Merchant will be listed as Journey to Health, Inc.

Other packages and services are available after you complete the first meditation process.

~Janae, The Self Care Architect
helping you build a strong foundation for your personal and professional life through systems, structure, mindset moves, adventure and fun.